The VIVOBASE mode of operation

Our body consists largely of water and is controlled by bioelectrical impulses. Electromagnetic smog can disturb these natural processes when the rays penetrate the body. This hinders optimal cell care and disrupts cell communication. The VIVOBASE products provide protection against electromagnetic smog by generating a specific field, which imitates a natural field and can therefore be used safely.

In contrast to electromagnetic fields, which produce frequencies and vibrations that move (comparable to the function principle of a microwave), there is no movement in this field. The natural metabolic processes of your cells are not affected.

The generated field orients water molecules of living beings in the uppermost layer of skin (orientation polarization). Water molecules are dipoles; they have a permanent electrical dipole moment due to their asymmetric structure, i.e., there is a negatively charged side (oxygen atom) and a positively charged side (both hydrogen atoms). Thanks to the special field that VIVOBASE products create, water molecules in the body are prevented from following high and low frequency electromagnetic radiation. As a result, the cells in the body can again absorb sufficient water and the harmful effect of electromagnetic smog is greatly reduced. Consequently, living beings can maintain their health despite being subject to environmental radiation.

Protection using polarisation

Physical behavior of water molecules using VIVOBASE

With VIVOBASE protection

With VIVOBASE protection:
the body is shielded against electro smog and earth radiation. VIVOBASE generates an electrostatic field, which is able to align water molecules within the body that creates a protective wall against the radiation.

Without VIVOBASE protection

Without VIVOBASE protection:
electromagnetic rays can penetrate the body unopposed.

Cell supply is optimised

Comparative representation of H2O cell supply within a cell membrane

The electromagnetic environment influences the space of the H2O molecules. Electrosmog disturbs the transport of H2O molecules through the cell membrane, with all known health consequences.

Cell membrane with VIVOBASE protection

Without electromagnetic radiation
the gate opens for the correctly
polarized molecule.

Cell membrane without VIVOBASE protection

With electromagnetic radiation
the molecule has the wrong polarity, and consequently the gate remains closed. The molecule is rejected due to incorrect spatial position.

Water quality is maintained

Influencing the water molecule structure

Water molecule with VIVOBASE protection

Water molecule with
VIVOBASE protection

Water molecule without VIVOBASE protection

Water molecule without
VIVOBASE Protection

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