VIVOBASE products provide effective protection against electromagnetic radiation for the home, office, car, boat, clinic, hotel, apartment, barn, mobile home, stable, restaurant or store. VIVOBASE products protect you from WIFI, DECT, Bluetooth, GPS, power lines, cell phone towers, monitors, solar power equipment, dirty electricity and other artificially produced fields, as well as earth’s natural magnetic fields, including global grid lines, water veins, faults, and natural and cosmic radiation.

VIVOBASE GmbH is a Rilling Group company. German engineering expertise combined with decades of medical experience provided the manufacturing foundation for these innovative, groundbreaking protective devices. VIVOBASE researches, develops, and produces devices which effectively protect against electromagnetic radiation. We would like to point out that our VIVOBASE products are not typical ‘esoteric’ solutions – instead, they are ‘electro-technical’ solutions with a proven high efficacy. As a family company, providing value to our customers and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

German-engineered and manufactured – high quality is the benchmark when producing VIVOBASE products. Our goal is to enable our customers to attain a higher quality of life and well-being through the use of our family of products. We truly believe that VIVOBASE is a tool that can enable everyone to achieve and maintain good health.

Electromagnetic radiation exposure is increasing rapidly, even within our own homes. The use of smartphones, laptops and tablets have become part of everyday life. In addition to smartphone radiation, there is WiFi, satellite, Bluetooth, smart home appliances, alarm systems, and DECT phone radiation. Many children and teenagers are constantly online, and the latest devices are at the top of their wish lists. Even newborns are exposed to electromagnetic smog from the use of baby monitors. Anything that is cordless and communicates using a radio frequency contributes to the electrosmog load.

New ‘SMART Home’ solutions and devices for households also contribute to increased electromagnetic smog. These networked and remotely controllable devices and installations are designed to provide more secure and efficient energy use, thereby improving the quality of homes and life in general. Radiation from our neighbors’ WiFi routers and the steadily growing number of cell towers to ensure optimal grid coverage only aggravate the problem, and this danger does not end when we step outdoors.

Unlike other commercial network circuit breakers which interrupt the power supply, VIVOBASE HOME protects your body against electromagnetic smog by activating a natural protective shield without having to forfeit the advantages of modern technology. In addition, your body is protected from radiation that is generated outside your home, such as the electromagnetic radiation of cell towers and your neighbors’ WiFi. Especially for electrosensitive people, VIVOBASE products provide genuine relief in everyday life. For all others, they serve to ensure preventive health care. VIVOBASE technology is certified by the Bion Institute for its Protective Influence on the Human Organism, and it has been proven effective in these scientific studies.

VIVOBASE Home is available as a plugin for the electric socket centrally located in your home, apartment, or work location.

Application (socket): In houses and apartments, small offices or medical practices.

Range: Approx. 65 ft (radius), through walls and ceilings

Dimensions: approx. 110 mm diameter

Weight: 75 g

All passengers in cars are defenseless to the electromagnetic radiation they are exposed to from smartphones, Bluetooth, GPS, electric car batteries, heated/cooled seats and other internal sources. Due to the effect of the Faraday cage, the radiation is reflected and multiplied within the confines of the car. The drivers/occupants of electric cars are exposed to additional electromagnetic smog from the electric engines. Even small exposure levels could lead to deterioration of general well-being, which poses an additional safety risk on long journeys. VIVOBASE CAR protects all occupants during each trip by activating a natural protective shield, ensuring that everyone arrive rested and safe. VIVOBASE technology is certified by the Bion Institute for its Protective Influence on the Human Organism, and its effectiveness has been proven in scientific studies.

VIVOBASE Car can be operated via a USB interface or the cigarette lighter. If preferred, it can also be installed using a bracket mount on the dashboard.


  • In conventional cars and electric cars
  • In buses, trucks and RVs
  • In boats
  • Dorm rooms or small offices

Range: approx. 10 ft (radius)

Dimensions: approx. 85 x 55 x 15 mm

Weight: 60 g

Regardless of whether we are shopping, going out with friends, or simply sitting in a café, we are now exposed to artificial electromagnetic radiation from different sources in all of these places. Smartphone radiation, WiFi radiation, and Bluetooth (to name a few) affect our body constantly. In order to ensure seamless network accessibility, more cell phone towers are being built on a daily basis. Exposure to electromagnetic smog is continually increasing.

The fact that the strongly increasing exposure due to unnatural electromagnetic smog has negative effects becomes clear when you know that the lives of people, animals and plants are controlled by natural electromagnetic fields. Some people are electrosensitive, which is a condition sometimes referred to as Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS), and feel these effects more acutely. However, as exposure increases, more and more people are becoming aware of these harmful effects and the discomfort that high levels of electromagnetic radiation can bring.

By activating a natural protective shield, VIVOBASE Mobile provides protection against electromagnetic smog in any location. VIVOBASE technology has been certified by the Bion Institute for its Protective influence on the Human Organism, and its effectiveness has been proven in scientific studies.

VIVOBASE Mobile is easy to handle and can be carried comfortably in a pocket or handbag. It has a lithium-ion battery and can be charged by a mini-USB interface. It is available in pink, yellow, gray, black, blue and green.

Range: 4.5 ft (radius)

Dimensions: approx. 71 x 18 x 7 mm

Weight: 30 g

The progressive technological advances in and around stables and livestock sheds, e.g. through electronically controlled horse walkers, milking robots and automatic feeders, increases electric smog pollution for humans and animals. Because zoos and animal parks are generally centrally located in big cities, animals in animal parks and zoos are exposed to high electric smog levels. Although research on the effects of electric smog on animals is still in its initial stages, in our view the effect of electromagnetic radiation on the biological processes of animals is comparable to its effect on humans.

VIVOBASE ANIMAL protects the bodies of humans and animals from electric smog by activating a natural protective shield, without making it necessary to forego the advantages of modern technology. In addition, the body is protected from radiation that is generated outside the stable and the riding center, such as the electromagnetic radiation from cell towers.

The effectiveness of the VIVOBASE HOME, CAR, MOBILE and CORPORATE devices has been confirmed in scientific studies. As VIVOBASE Animal is based on the same technology, in our opinion the effectiveness proved in studies is also transferable in its entirety to VIVOBASE Animal.

VIVOBASE ANIMAL is available as a thief-proof and splash-proof wall-mounted device.


  • In horse stables and livestock sheds
  • In riding centers and riding halls
  • In animal parks and zoos

Range: Approx. 40 m (radius), through walls and ceilings

Dimensions: Approx. 120 x 89 mm

Weight: 300 g

Entrepreneurs, hoteliers, school directors and university managers have a special interest in the well-being of their employees, guests and students. Accessibility at any location and coverage with sufficient bandwidth was decisive in the past. Monetary bonuses for having a cell tower on the property enticed businesses to accept the risk unknowingly. In the face of increased studies on the harmful effects of electromagnetic smog, people throughout the world are changing their opinions concerning this. Smartphone radiation was confirmed as a trigger for a brain tumor in Italy in a court judgment. A higher court in India has banned mobile telecommunications in schools and hospitals due to health risks. Israel bans WiFi in kindergartens and preschools and restricts its usage in schools. Responsible managers take measures for the protection against electromagnetic smog as part of corporate health management (BGM) in their company.

VIVOBASE CORPORATE is designed for hotels, companies and public institutions such as schools, universities, etc. and constantly ensures a low-radiation environment by the activation of a natural protective shield. The effectiveness of Vivobase has been proven in scientific studies.

The suitable VIVOBASE CORPORATE package

VIVOBASE Corporate contains a personalized concept from installation to certification. You get a VIVOBASE Corporate certificate and seal of approval from us for two years. Please see more information on the VIVOBASE CORPORATE product page.

Protection using

Protection using polarisation

Cell supply
is optimised

Cell supply is optimised

Water quality
is maintained

Water quality is maintained

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No healing promises are made concerning any VIVOBASE product. The scientific Research by Bion, Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology, Ltd., in Slovenia, document the working methods of the VIVOBASE products. The Trial setup can always be reproduced. Note that the VIVOBASE products are not FDA approved and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease.

Please consult your physician or health care practitioner for any questions about EMF related to your health.