Our body consists largely of water and is controlled by bioelectrical impulses. Electrosmog can disturb these natural processes by penetrating the body. Optimal cell supply is prevented. The VIVOBASE products offer protection against electrosmog by generating a specific field that imitates a natural field and can therefore be used without hesitation.

In contrast to electromagnetic fields, which create frequencies and vibrations and move something (comparable to the functional principle of a microwave), there is no movement ("static") in this field. The natural metabolic processes of the cell are not affected.

The cell membrane only works for optimal cell supply in a weak endogenous electrical DC field. See also Dr. medical Batmangedheli. Strong external fields disrupt this process. VIVOBASE technology recreates a natural radiation environment (similar to that of a SFERICS) that assists the body's natural antenna function to reduce back to its original state. This makes it more difficult for energy to be transmitted from outside through electromagnetic fields ( figuratively speaking : the surface of the skin covers itself with a protective shield, which is similar to that of HF shielding on/in houses).

This allows the water dipoles in their (weak) body's own DC electrical field to naturally align themselves back into their old order. Water transport through the membrane is possible again.

Natural polarization protection Physical behavior of water molecules using VIVOBASE


With Vivobase protection:
the body is protected from electrosmog and earth radiation.
VIVOBASE generates an "electrostatic field" to support
the natural alignment of the water molecules in the body.


Without Vivobase protection:
electromagnetic radiation can enter
and penetrate the body unhindered.

The cell supply is optimized Comparative representation of the H2O cell supply within the cell membrane

The electromagnetic environment influences the spatial position of the H2O dipoles. Electrosmog disrupts the transport of H2O molecules through the cell membrane with all the known consequences for health.


Without electromagnetic radiation,
the gate opens for the correctly polarized molecule.


With electromagnetic radiation,
the molecule has the wrong polarity, so the gate remains closed.
The molecule is repelled due to incorrect spatial position.

The water quality is preserved Influence on the mineral residues of water droplets determined by the BionEvapo® study

Fig. 1: VBH ON + Handy ON
Fig. 1: VBH ON + Handy ON
Fig. 2:  VBH ON + Handy OFF
Fig. 2: VBH ON + Handy OFF
Fig. 3:  VBH OFF + Handy ON
Fig. 3: VBH OFF + Handy ON

The mineral residues of the water molecules at the start of the experiment and below after the experiment are shown in the illustrations.

Result: By using VIVOBASE, the influence of the electromagnetic radiation is largely neutralized and the mineral residues of the water molecule retain their natural form (Fig. 1 and Fig. 2). Without VIVOBASE, the natural water molecule structure is destroyed (Fig. 3). VIVOBASE preserves the natural structure of the water molecule.

From this it can be concluded that the VIVOBASE technology has a protective effect on water against mobile radiation and also increases the influence of the normal time influencing factor.
All these analyzes (visual analysis, frequency analysis, ongoing structure reduction analysis) indicate that the VIVOBASE technology protects water from dense mobile radiation. This also confirms the compensatory influence that we have found with test subjects in further investigations (see studies with Bion Institute).

Antenna effect of our body

We are naturally surrounded by magnetic and mainly static electric fields, which are of fundamental importance for life on our planet. Our heart and brain are controlled and regulated by internal bioelectrical impulses. Migratory birds and other animals use these fields for orientation, for communication and for recording environmental conditions.

Technological progress and the expansion of the various networks (radar, mobile communications, etc.) have led to an explosive increase in artificially generated electromagnetic radiation (electrosmog), to which we and the entire environment are exposed every day. tendency further increasing.

Electrosmog can have a fundamental impact on the biological processes in our body.

To make matters worse, our body takes on the function of an antenna that can receive and amplify electromagnetic radiation. Do you know the effect when you want to tune into a radio station with a portable radio and it constantly emits background noise? When you touch the antenna, the reception of the device is drastically improved because you are amplifying the radio frequency reception with your body.

The fact that humans have an antenna function that amplifies the signals is clearly visible in Fig. 1. Here the different frequencies (0-21000 Hz) are recorded over a certain period of time and displayed graphically (with and without direct contact with the test person).


Fig. 1: Comparative representation of the ambient radiation and the amplifying antenna function of the human body*

*Measured with a commercially available frequency meter.
0-15 seconds → The measuring device records the existing fields without contacting the test person
after 15 seconds → The antenna of the measuring device is placed directly on the test person

Influence of the VIVOBASE Mobile on the antenna function

The following measurement setup makes the effect of the VIVOBASE Mobile on the antenna function clear. After switching on the VIVOBASE Mobile, the decreasing tendency of the antenna effect becomes visible after a short time.


Fig. 2: Representation of the antenna function with VIVOBASE Mobile

After 15 seconds, the influence of the electromagnetic radiation is measured directly on the test person; the increase in the spectral lines indicates a significant increase in the radiation exposure caused by the antenna function. The VIVOBASE Mobile is switched on from the time mark of 30 seconds. The subsequent course of the spectral line shows a clearly decreasing trend, although the measurement only extends over 106 seconds.

The measurement over a period of 48 hours with uninterrupted use of VIVOBASE Mobile is shown in Fig. 3. The body's antenna function decreases significantly through the use of VIVOBASE Mobile.


Fig. 3: Representation of the antenna function with VIVOBASE Mobile after 48 hours