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5G is the latest generation in mobile communications. It creates the basis for new, innovative technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), the networking of machines in industry and intelligent devices, social scoring (applications for evaluating behavioral evaluations on social networks), cyborgs (half human half machine) or autonomous driving. So it's about communication between technical devices.

In order to achieve this standard, it is necessary to set up and develop the appropriate infrastructure. From 2020, the 5G network should also be available to users in Germany. Compared to today's 4G, additional frequency bands are required for this new communication standard. Experts expect that 5G will be up to 26,000 times faster than UMTS. The frequency strength increases up to a hundredfold (in comparison 4G = 3.5GHz, 5G up to 300Ghz). 5G works with microwave technology. It is expected that in the future an antenna unit will have to be installed every 150 meters in order to be able to transmit the microwave signals without any problems.

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