Electrosmog is the word used to describe artificially generated fields of electricity, which are produced by the technology we use and also by ourselves. They alter the natural radiation conditions and electromagnetic fields of the earth.

The best way is to reduce the number of radiation sources you come into contact with as much as possible. By turning off your Wi-Fi router at night and using analogue phones (connected by cable) etc., and also by using VIVOBASE technology.

The number of studies available on the pros and cons of  ‘electrosmog’ is impressive. Several scientific studies conclude that electrosmog causes damage to the human system. Of note here are the results of studies that address the opening of the blood-brain barrier and the formation of gliomas and acoustic neuromas. In fact, the state of knowledge we have access to is quite alarming. (An excellent overview of the results of the various studies available can be found on

With low frequency fields of up to about 30 kHz, the irritating effects of the acute biological activity dominate the sensory, nerve and muscle cells; these effects are caused by electric currents induced within the body. Thermal effects only play a minor role. The current limits ensure that the limit values in exposure guidelines only address the question of heating organism tissue to an impermissibly high temperature.

However, biological effects can also be observed with weaker fields, such as influences on the melatonin balance, the formation or development of cancer, or an increased risk of dementia (Alzheimer). To this end, several epidemiological studies and laboratory experiments exist whose results show that there is a relationship between an acceleration in cancer growth (especially childhood Leukaemia) and the presence of magnetic fields. They make the acceleration of cancer growth in the realm just above a constant exposure of only 0.4 μT (micro Tesla) appear to be possible. However, the results of some studies still need to be subjected to more accurate analysis.

The World Health Organization, however, does already classify weak low frequency magnetic fields as potentially carcinogenic.

Source of concentration limits:

‘Electrosmog’ is a topic which should concern everyone. Electromagnetic radiation has a demonstrable influence on all biological creatures irrespective of whether they are human, animal or plant. Geographical features such as water veins also give rise to influences.

Most shields are used to suppress low and high-frequency radiation. Reflections can cause these fields to amplify or shift ‘unnaturally’ and increase exponentially at a different location (bundling). Another significant problem is that the natural frequencies that our system needs (e.g. Schumann resonance frequencies) and the Earth’s magnetic field are warded off too, because biological building shields do not have a filter function.

Many shielding measures are based on the principle of Faraday’s cage. This also applies to the interior of a car. The myriad sources of electromagnetic fields emitted by the various components in a car multiply and bounce the radiation around the interior.

Please read the following article (german): | Magnetfeldbelatung – Elektrosmog im Auto

Yes, radiation from the earth and water veins, etc. act in the same way as artificially generated electromagnetic fields do.

Normally one VIVOBASE HOME suffices. That said, if you do have evidence of very strong electro-sensitivity, two devices may be required in rare cases.

VIVOBASE HOME has a radius of 30 m, which also provides protection through walls and ceilings.

Since VIVOBASE technology utilizes the body’s own ability to create a protective shield, these devices protect against all non-ionizing radiation regardless of the frequency level.